Facing Foreclosure?

When facing a foreclosure in Louisiana, the best advice we can give is to ACT NOW!  Our team of experienced professionals is here to help ensure the best outcome for your situation.

If your lender has already started foreclosure proceedings, the passing of time is your enemy.  As the foreclosure clock ticks, thousands of dollars in penalties and legal fees can be added to the balance you currently owe.  The longer you delay, the more difficult it may be to avoid foreclosure.  

7 Ways We Help Fight Foreclosure

Because every situation is unique, we understand finding the best solution when facing foreclosure can be overwhelming.  Below are some of the most common ways we help our clients.

  1. Facing foreclosure and a possible Sheriff Sale can be scary and a friendly face with professional insights into your situation can bring the hope and answers you need.  At no charge we will sit down with you face to face and discuss options, timetables, and possible outcomes we’ve found through our years of experience in fighting foreclosures.

  2. We can explain how to best work directly with the mortgage company to get the loan reinstated or possibly get a loan modification.  Both options allow you to continue to own and occupy the house and make monthly payments.

  3. If there is high equity in your property, we may have an investor hold the title to the property while you get back on your feet and then transfer the property back to you. This allows you to continue to occupy the property and work towards fixing your situation.

  4. If you owe the mortgage company more than the property is worth, we may still be able to help.  This situation may call for a Short Sale.  In this scenario, a person in foreclosure can continue to live in their house while we work with the mortgage company to stop the Sheriff Sale. This also eliminates the possibility of being sued after a Sheriff Sale for any balance still owed from when the foreclosure started.  We have an expert on staff who specializes in Short Sales and there is no charge to you for choosing to pursue option.

  5. If you just want to sell your property and there is equity, we have investors that may be willing to give you cash for that equity. This can be done even after the foreclose process has started but must be completed before the Sheriff Sale.

  6. We can warn advise you about what we’ve seen happen when a bankruptcy has been used to stop a foreclosure or pending Sheriff Sale.  In our experience, people who file a bankruptcy will often still lose their house. 

  7. We are not attorneys and never give legal advice, but rather we will give you our expert opinion based on our years of experience in helping individuals facing foreclosure.

Because your situation is important, our services are free, and information is necessary to make informed decisions, we suggest you call us now at 225-291-8000.