What factors should I consider before I decide to fix the property up and sell it without using a general contractor to do a turn key job?

Some of the factors to consider in the decision are: Can get the materials at the same price as a contractor?  Can you hire crews that are dependable and do high-quality work?  Do you have experience in negotiating with subcontractors? Do you have the contracts to properly hire a worker?  Will you know if a contractor or subcontractor is cutting a corner or cheating you?  If you must fire a crew or an individual worker, do you have replacements?  Are you familiar with the liabilities should a worker get injured?  Are you familiar with the legal issues regarding contracts and insurance?  Are you prepared to make warranties to the buyer of the house? Can you get the work completed promptly? Are you familiar with the inspection process?  Do you know the cost of holding the property in terms of insurance, utilities, taxes, sales commissions, and other costs? Do you have the patience to deal with potential buyers of your home that will be looking for every flaw and attempting to get you to lower the price? Have you considered that it may take a very long time to complete the repairs and find a qualified buyer? These are just some of the issues to consider.

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