Frequently asked questions

No, there is absolutely no charge. We are glad to offer ideas that may be helpful. If we can help, we are glad to help. If we can’t help you, at least the input is free.

Yes, we buy all types of properties. This include single family homes, multi-family homes, vacant lots, commercial properties, apartment buildings, and more.

Yes, for the right property we’ll buy anywhere.

In almost all cases we pay all the expense associated with the sale of the house.  Our goal is for you to get a check for the same amount as the purchase agreement states.  Most buyers require the seller to pay some of the closing cost and prorate the property taxes. We go above and beyond to make this transaction smooth and to ensure that the seller doesn’t have to come out of pocket with any money.

We have solved a lot of title problems, but we also have bought properties knowing that there were unresolved title problems. Each situation is unique so please contact us and let us see if we can help you.

No, we are not in the contracting or construction field. Our job is to identify properties that may be of interest to our investors. We can quickly assess the value and give a fair, cash offer to the seller.

We will gladly work with you to ensure that you have enough time to move your belongings.

Yes! Dale and Wendell are both life long residents of the Baton Rouge area. We are not “flash in the pan” types, here one day and gone the next. We’ve been helping folks in Louisiana sell their “unsellable” properties for over 27 years, and we will be here for many years to come. 

The fastest way to get a cash payment quickly and move on is to sell to an experienced cash buyer like Dale Buys House Now. In some cases, we can close in just a matter of a few business hours or days.

Typically, our first step is NOT to go out and make offers. We believe we have a better and fairer process than the traditional, hassled filled system that pits the buyer and seller against each other. Our system does NOT require the seller to start with a high price knowing full well the potential buyer is going to make a low-ball offer. We buy houses, not make offers. We do not harass folks about why they should change their price.

In our system, when we come to your house, we are coming to sign a purchase agreement and move forward with buying the house. This system saves time and removes the hassle.

If you have a house you would like to sell, please call us or fill out the property description form

Yes, we will work with realtors.

We have worked with many sellers from out of state. You do not have to come to Baton Rouge. We can wire the money to you and we can even have a notary come to your location to sign the sales agreement.

Yes, you can sell before you get your insurance check.

If we agree to buy your property, you do not have to do anything else to the property.

Yes, we’ve bought many homes where this wasn’t the case.

Yes, you can sell just your part. Dale Buys Houses Now is one of the very few property buyers that will buy a partial interest in a property.

Yes, we have access to all the professionals needed to review a title and close very quickly. 

We are here to help you reach your goals. We will gladly work with you to give you time.  We are ready when you are, but we are not here to hurry you.

Often, we can pay the mortgage off as part of the sale.  In some cases, we may have to have the mortgage canceled before we can move forward. If an insurance company has issued a check in the owner and mortgage company’s name, you can still sign a purchase agreement, but you may have to wait till the mortgage is canceled. Feel free to call the office at (225) 291-8000 and discuss any questions you may have.

It is better to do a short sale with the mortgage company rather than just walk away.  A short sale is also better on your credit than a bankruptcy.

Yes, you can sell the house if it has been substantially damaged, but you want to disclose that to the buyer.

The answer depends on the goals and skills of the seller, it is quicker and a lot less hassle to sell without repairs. However, if you can make the repairs at the same cost as a contractor and make the repairs to the same professional level, and time and hassle are ignored, you may make more money repairing and then selling. You may want to see a FAQ regarding, “What factors should I consider before I decide to fix the property up and sell it without using a contractor?”

Some of the factors to consider in the decision are: Can get the materials at the same price as a contractor?  Can you hire crews that are dependable and do high-quality work?  Do you have experience in negotiating with subcontractors? Do you have the contracts to properly hire a worker?  Will you know if a contractor or subcontractor is cutting a corner or cheating you?  If you must fire a crew or an individual worker, do you have replacements?  Are you familiar with the liabilities should a worker get injured?  Are you familiar with the legal issues regarding contracts and insurance?  Are you prepared to make warranties to the buyer of the house? Can you get the work completed promptly? Are you familiar with the inspection process?  Do you know the cost of holding the property in terms of insurance, utilities, taxes, sales commissions, and other costs? Do you have the patience to deal with potential buyers of your home that will be looking for every flaw and attempting to get you to lower the price? Have you considered that it may take a very long time to complete the repairs and find a qualified buyer? These are just some of the issues to consider.

Yes, if the price is right, we will buy any condition.

Often, we can get a succession done quicker and cheaper as part of the closing than a client can without us. Sometimes we will even pay for the succession.

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